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Ep14 Jewish Book of Horror

November 04, 2021 Brenda S Tolian Episode 16
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
Ep14 Jewish Book of Horror
Show Notes

On this episode of the Burial Plot, we spent some time with—Josh Schlossberg (Publisher/Editor) and Michael Picco (Writer). They shared the process of assembling a book, picking the artwork for the cover and the stories contained within. We discuss the traditions of Jewish storytelling and how modern iterations of those stories are told in 2021. The stories contained within the book span across centuries from slavery to pogroms to the Holocaust to antisemitism.

“Whether it's pirate rabbis or demon-slaying Bible queens, concentration camp vampires or beloved, fearless bubbies, THE JEWISH BOOK OF HORROR offers you twenty-two dark tales about the culture, history, and folklore of the Jewish people” (DHC).


To find out more about Josh Schlossberg, visit: https://joshsworstnightmare.com

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To Purchase The Jewish Book of Horror visit: 

Godless- https://godless.com/products/the-jewish-book-of-horror-edited-by-josh-schlossberg-1

Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Jewish-Book-Horror-Daniel-Braum/dp/1734191775

 Barns & Noble- https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-jewish-book-of-horror-josh-schlossberg/1140202675


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