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October 16, 2021 Brenda S Tolian Season 1 Episode 14
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
Show Notes

On this episode of The Burial Plot we got to spend time with Bobby Crew!

Bobby, a Denver native, has been writing horror since elementary school. Due to his twisted imagination, his parents thought they were raising a serial killer, but thankfully he chose to keep the killing on paper only, allegedly. Bobby founded an Indie Horror publishing and media company, The Horror Crew Productions, which embodies all aspects of horror from the written word, to events, podcasts, and photoshoots with a special focus on LGBTQ horror.

 His work has appeared in numerous publications including the best-selling anthology Terror at 5280’. His short story collection Dining with Devils was released in 2020.

Bobby tells us about his unusual pets before telling us about Horror Crew Productions and his big plans for it. The website is amazing and worth a visit.

We discuss LGBTQ horror and the focus of The Horror Crew Production creating and sharing stories that don't "other" this community and giving voice to authors.

Bobby shares his creative process and how he goes about spinning his terrifying tales. He shares with us that he is working on screenplays for many of the stories in Dining With Devils! Yay!

Bobby reads from his work Lilly's Love and talks to us about the novel he is currently working on based on his short story Helping Hands.

Find out more about Bobby Crew and the Horror Crew Productions here:

To find Dining With Devils go here: https://amzn.to/31CE3R9

Find Brenda here: https://brendatolian.com/

Find Joy here: https://www.joyyehle.com/

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