Burial Plot Horror Podcast

EP 13 with Don Smith

September 26, 2021 Brenda S Tolian Episode 13
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
EP 13 with Don Smith
Show Notes

On this episode of the Burial Plot, we spent some time with writer Don Everett Smith Jr. He was born in Virginia but grew up in New Jersey (the armpit of America according to him). He moved to Central Pennsylvania with his wife, Laura, with his cats and tortoise. He specializes in Horror, History, and True Crime. He currently writes for a local online news site and is working on a local true crime book. Don is a board member of the Horror Authors Guild and has two publishing imprints - Tombstone Stories Publishing - dedicated to his horror books and stories and Pinion Comics which publishes his comic books. When not writing, he works as a substitute teacher and a supervisor for a local school-age child care non-profit company.

We chat about the community of horror writers being like a quiet cemetery regarding similarities that turn up in horror writers' life experiences time and time again. We discuss how our scars fuel what we write. With Don sharing his specific religious experiences and how it has shaped his writing and world-view.

Don tells us about his anthologies and numerous publications, including his newly announced book deal with JEA Press. He also has two imprints, Pinion Comics and Tombstone Stories Publishing, and gives us all the details about both.

Being a board member of the Horror Author's Guild, Don shares what it is and what it does, and how to become a member.

Don was gracious enough to read from his work The Rook Man of Roma Forest available now on Amazon and Smashwords.

To find out more, visit him at Donsmithwrites01.blogspot.com
To find his stories and anthologies including Blood From a Tombstone on Amazon go here: https://amzn.to/3uqN229
To find him on Smashwords go here: Don  Everett Smith Jr.
Find Pinion Comics here: http://www.pinioncomics.com/

For more about the Horror Authors Guild go here: https://www.haguild.com/

Brenda is here: https://brendatolian.com/
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