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EP 9 Angela Sylvaine- Burial Plot Horror Podcast

July 15, 2021 Brenda S Tolian Season 1 Episode 9
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
EP 9 Angela Sylvaine- Burial Plot Horror Podcast
Show Notes

In this episode, we have Angela Sylvaine. Angela is a self-proclaimed cheerful goth who still believes in monsters.  She writes primarily horror, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. She has published one Novella, CHOPPING SPREE, and many short stories in various magazines and anthologies.

She grew up in North Dakota and holds degrees in psychology and philosophy from the University of North Dakota. After marrying her high school sweetheart, they moved to Colorado and now live on the front range of the Rockies with their three cats.

Angela is a member of the Horror Writers Association, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers,  Pikes Peak Writers, and the Denver Horror Collective.

We talk about familiars, the importance of mentors, and the hardest things about writing and publishing. Angela discusses why Not All Monsters was one of her favorite anthologies that she is included in and tells us why editor, Sara Tantlinger was pivotal to the Bram Stoker Finalist anthology's success. We chat about the appeal of writing and reading novellas (Brenda's favorite dessert!). We also dig into why the slasher trope is so much fun.

Angela reads from her novella Chopping Spree that is part of the Rewind or Die Series.

Angela shares what's next. Look for Welcome to the Funhouse and Angela's story The Cyclone Sisters' Travelling Circus .

Angela can be found at https://angelasylvaine.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sylvaine_angela
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angela_sylvaine/

Joy is at www.joyyehle.com
Brenda is at www.brendatolian.com

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