Burial Plot Horror Podcast

Burial Plot EP 6 With Michael Picco

May 29, 2021 Brenda S Tolian Season 1 Episode 6
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
Burial Plot EP 6 With Michael Picco
Show Notes

On this episode of The Burial Plot, we visited with Michael Picco.

 Michael is an award-winning short-story writer, poet and essayist; novelist; and occasional columnist living in the Colorado high country. Michael received his B.A. in English from Western State University in Colorado but his fascination with the genre started when he read The Outsider by H. P. Lovecraft in third grade. Since receiving his degree, he has contributed to several well-reviewed anthologies and has written an award-winning collection of short stories titled: Scenes from the Carnival Lounge, A Collection of Odd Tales.

 Michael released his second collection, Corpse Honey, A Banquet of Gruesome Tales in 2020. His latest publishing credit, The Wheel, can be found in the Murder & Machinery, Tales of Technological Terror and Mechanical Madness, released this year.

 We discuss the particular vein of horror that Michael creates in and why he writes horror. Michael shares some places where he gets inspiration complete with a wonderfully horrid description of corpse honey and zombie creating fungi.

 Michael describes his involvement with the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) and his own Sisyphus Publications imprint and why he set it up. He shares with us about his book cover and interior design offerings and some upcoming releases.

He reads from Mortimer the Maus from his book Corpse Honey.

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Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)


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