Burial Plot Horror Podcast

Burial Plot Ep.2 with Josh Schlossberg

April 18, 2021 Brenda S Tolian
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
Burial Plot Ep.2 with Josh Schlossberg
Show Notes

In our second episode, we talk with Josh Schlossberg about a group he co-founded, The Denver Horror Collective and its critique groups, book cult (club), publishing, and other endeavors. We spoke to Josh about a new anthology, The Jewish Book of Horror, that he is editing in conjunction with the Denver Horror Collective. We discuss the sub-genre of biological horror that Josh writes in and how it goes beyond body horror. Josh shares the terrifying places he gets story ideas and reads from his latest release, Malinae, which is available now at godless.com from D&T Publishing and on Amazon starting April 23, 2021.


Denver Horror Collective https://denverhorror.com/

Josh’s Worst Nightmare https://joshsworstnightmare.com/

Godless https://godless.com/collections/godless-new-releases

D&T Publishing https://www.dandtpublishing.com/


Joy Yehle https://www.joyyehle.com/

Brenda Tolian https://brendatolian.com/


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