Burial Plot Horror Podcast

EP24 with P.L. McMillan

November 17, 2022 Brenda S Tolian Episode 24
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
EP24 with P.L. McMillan
Show Notes

The Burial Plot returns! Welcome back after our unavoidable hiatus, but we are still ALIVE!

In this episode, we sit down with author P.L. McMillan whose works have been known to cause rifts in time and space itself...

Well, not quite. But writing often makes her feel that powerful. 

With a passion for cosmic horror and sci-fi horror, P.L. McMillan sees every shadow as an entryway to a deeper look into the black heart of the world, meant to be discovered and explored. Infatuated with the works of Shirley Jackson, H.P. Lovecraft, and Ridley Scott, her dream is to create stories of adventure, of chills, of heartbreak, and thrills.

 P.L. lives in Colorado, with her large selection of teas, her husband, and her two chinchillas (Sherlock and Spuds) – all under the supervision of their black cat overlords, Poe and Zerg.

We discuss her first foray into editing with the HOWLs' Society anthology, Howls from the Dark Ages. P.L. tells us about the feeling of being a "gatekeeper" and other challenges and triumphs of her experience.

P.L. has had a very busy few months and her debut collection, What Remains when the Stars Burn Out, is available now. In addition, her debut novella, Sisters of the Crimson Vine is available for preorder.

We discuss the themes of Sisters of the Crimson Vine and that feminist horror is often misunderstood. This leads down a brilliant path of discussion about feminism in horror and the way women's bodies and sex are used in the genre.

P.L. gives us a taste of her debut novella with a reading!

Brenda describes Sisters of the Crimson Vine as literary folk horror and that fits it perfectly. It is a well-written and creepy tale, order your copy today!

Find P.L. McMillan at: https://www.plmcmillan.com/
Or on Twitter @authorplm
P.L. McMillan's Amazon Author Page

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