Burial Plot Horror Podcast

EP 23 with EV Knight (Trigger Warning SA)

August 06, 2022 Brenda S Tolian
Burial Plot Horror Podcast
EP 23 with EV Knight (Trigger Warning SA)
Show Notes

Trigger Warning - SA

In this episode, we are so very excited to visit with author EV Knight. Our hosts had the pleasure of meeting and hearing EV read from her latest release at this past StokerCon in Denver. 

EV Knight is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning debut novel, The Fourth Whore. She released her sophomore novel, Children of Demeter, as well as a novella, Partum, in 2021. This year, her novella Three Days in the Pink Tower published by Creature Publishing was released in July. She also has stories featured in several various anthologies this year. 

EV lives in one of America’s most haunted cities—Savannah, GA. When not out searching for the ghosts of the past, EV can be found at home with her husband Matt, her beloved Chinese Crested Gozer Augustus, and their three naughty sphynx cats.

EV shares with us the why of writing in the horror genre, what her creative process looks like, and her favorite part of writing. We wanted to know about her stellar work ethic and how she stays so amazingly productive.

Three Days in the Pink Tower is based on the horrible real-world experience that EV had as a seventeen-year-old. She shares the details of that harrowing encounter and how it inspired and influenced her latest work and life.

We talk about the power of women writers re-telling familiar horror tropes that revolve around women’s bodies and trauma. Perhaps, EV has created a new type of final girl, where we get inside the mind of the final girl rather than simply witness her reacting.

The novella uses the tarot as inspiration and character. EV shares her ideas about using tarot in the book and for storytelling in general.

EV reads an expert from Three Days in the Pink Tower.

Next up for EV is her retelling of Dracula from a female Renfield's perspective and a foray into screenwriting!

EV Knight can be found here:
Buy Three Days in the Pink Tower here.

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The Magic of Tarot: Your Guide to Intuitive Readings, Rituals, and Spells by Sasha Graham

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